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Oct 31, 2012 4:00am PDT
, trader scott bauer on what he's paying attention to post-sandy. airlines, utilities, energy and insurance stocks will be in focus for traders today. for more on storm-related sectors, scott bauer of trading advantage joins us from cme group this morning. good morning scott. > > hi. how are you angie? > > i'm doing well. what about the retailers? will those be affected as well? > > you know, the stocks i'm looking at, like home depot and loews, these stocks have been on a pretty nice run, trading at or near their high, their resistance levels over the last 6 to 9 months. these stocks have the potential to carry the retail market and to just take off from here. with all of the recovery ahead, all of the spending that's going to be done in this arena, those are two stocks to really key in on. > > speaking of taking off, the airlines, which tend to move with the economy. what happens though when disaster strikes? > > you know, the airlines are pretty well prepared. some of the percentages i heard is that when there are cancellations to this magnitude, the rebooking rates they like t
Oct 29, 2012 4:00am PDT
restoration hardware, and energy company delek logistics partners. last week's ipo from dean foods spinoff white wave foods fell below its opening price of $17, closing at $16.75 - down from a high of just over $19. the organic dairy company raised $391 million in the offering. the bp oil spill trial will be delayed by the superbowl and mardi gras. the trial was set to begin january 14th, but soon thousands of football fans and mardi gras revelers would descend into the big easy for the big events and that's when legal teams would likely be kicked out of their lodgings so hotels could honor previously- made reservations. the super bowl is february 3rd. the last day of mardi gras is february 12th. so as to accommodate everyone, a new orleans judge set the trial to begin february 25th. still to come, charitable investments can work in your favor. how to ensure your good intentions come back around to your portfolio. that's later. but first, it's being called 'smartphone addiction.' we'll check on the symptoms next, with bill moller. w oh, sorry. i was just checking my smartphone. what is it
Nov 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
another route. his idea is to drill for oil in the arctic, then invest the profits in renewable energy. consumers proved to be in a spending mood this october. the international council of shopping centers says retailers are reporting modest gains for the month. costco was one of those stores, with sales rising 7% from the same time last year. macy's' same-store sales popped 4.1%, while target saw a smaller increase of 2.4% - lower than analyst expectations. however, superstorm sandy remains a concern going forward. analysts think some consumers along the east coat may have spent extra preparing for sandy and that it could have an impact on christmas spending. retailers hope the spending trend continues into the holiday shopping season. big retailers such as best buy, macy's, kohl's and walmart all open bright and early at 12 am on black friday. kmart opens at 5 am and toys 'r' us at 9 am. and online shopping isn't left out - amazon will offer limited- time specials as part of its "black friday deals store." in corporate earnings, exxon topped earnings expectations even though profits
Oct 30, 2012 4:00am PDT
sidelines but probably oil and the whole energy complex because they did shut down refineries and we just don't know. right now the refinery capacity was already low to begin with so just expect a little bit of volatility going forward with oil and also gasoline. with the new york stock exchange closed, all eyes were on other markets including europe which didn't really fall apart yesterday. what do you think about that? starting in china---china was down a little bit but their numbers were good. i think there was just a drag on their earnings or at least people were scared about that. with europe, europe was down yesterday and some was down quite a bunch but there is a silver lining with greece and financing needs and spain. so those two things combined are going into the greater picture and this hurricane has been a terrible thing for the united states but i think the stock market held up yesterday because of that. there are reports that the jobs number was due out on friday could be delayed beacue of sandy. what's your reaction to that and what are traders saying about that? i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4